Arenamon WhitePaper


ArenaMon is a monthly tournament where 10,000 monsters fight against each other on their own for Ethereum Prizes.
ArenaMon is made keeping in mind that the P2E(Play to Earn) model of crypto projects is often time-intensive and requires users to play games in order to earn rewards, which we have eliminated completely. We understand that investors are busy people and that's why we have created a system to let users earn without having to play a single game.
Users buy themselves NFTs in the form of Gabimon in order to participate in a monthly tournament that automatically plays out every month, starting from the 1st of that month. After each tournament has concluded, we will give out the prizes that have been allotted for that month.
With ArenaMon, we aim to provide a fun and refreshing experience within the P2E ecosystem, giving back 50% of the royalties in the form of prizes. It's made for investors looking to invest in a game within the Web 3.0 ecosystem without the usual hassle of one.
Note-The ArenaMon WhitePaper is subject to change in the future.
Last modified 7mo ago